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Katherine was born in Hampshire, England. Before she was two years old her family moved to Staffordshire
where she lived until she was 12. Her family moved once again to Suffolk in East Anglia.To Katherine both places are home.
From Staffordshire she retains fond memories of the hilly and rocky landscape as well as the deep history of the area.
East Anglia is an altogether flatter area of Great Britain but equally as rich in history and as a textural landscape.

Katherine was very lucky to enjoy the freedom of owning her own horse and being able to ride and explore for many miles in the forests and agricultural areas of the place she lived. This was very formative in her deep understanding and appreciation of the landscape. East Anglia is also an area very rich in its own artistic history; the Norwich school of painters in particular was a group that Katherine studied at art school. Art was always a very strong subject for Katherine. At the age of seven she was taken from regular class study into a special art class for more gifted children. She was also accepted into Ipswich College of Art at 16 years ofage straight from High School. After a “gap” year she was accepted into Canterbury college of Art, part of the Kent Institute. Here she studied Fine Art later specializing in Printmaking and received a First Class Honors degree.

For post graduate studies Katherine was accepted to the London Institute to study printmaking at Chelsea College of Art. She was very pleased to be awarded shared first prize by the Trustees of the British Institution Fund at the Royal Academy of Art for her lino cut/etch “Chetwynde”, and also the Julian Trevelyan prize. After college Katherine continued to work as an artist. She became a member of the Gainsborough House Print workshop for several years between 1996 and 1999, and was also a member of the Printmakers council. She exhibited with both groups. Katherine and her husband Alan lived in Germany, near Cologne for a period of two years.This marked a very informative time for Katherine’s work as an artist. It was a return to a hillier topography and a chance to spend time drawing and discovering a new country, culture and language. In the year 2000 Katherine and her husband had the opportunity to relocate to the USA, where they now live near Ann Arbor in South East Michigan. Here Katherine has explored new opportunities including a tremendously successful “garage art sale” modeled on the household garage sales that American families hold throughout the spring and summer months at their homes to sell unwanted items! In this case Katherine set up a temporary “gallery” in the garage and enjoyed a flood of people for the duration of the sale.

Other Interests
As well as two international moves Katherine and her husband have enjoyed traveling widely throughout Europe and South East Asia. A visit to the extraordinary country of New Zealand was a particular highlight. Katherine also enjoys running. Not only to keep fit and healthy but as a way to explore the area she lives in and visits. It is a way to see the landscape up close and at a sedate and gentle pace; a way also to see wildlife and be part of the seasonal change.

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