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  • Is this an original Print?
    "Yes, all work is printed by hand from a hand made plate.
  • What is an edition?
    An edition is multiples of works on paper printed from the same plate.
  • What is Intaglio?
    Intaglio (or “in-tay-lo”) is defined as a design incised or engraved into a material. The sunken areas and grooves hold the ink that is printed onto the paper.
  • What is Lino Etch?
    Lino used in this process is a floor covering made from cork dust and compressed linseed oil. It is manipulated in s a similar way to a metal plate.
  • What is a Collagraph?
    This is a collaged plate, made from any materials that can adhered to a flat surface. It will hold ink in the same way as Lino or metal.
  • Do you do Commissions?
    “Yes” I can make site specific pieces as a one off non edition print. Pricing will vary.
  • How do you ship my purchase?
    Packaging will depend on the piece purchased. Shipping times will vary on the destination and on the carrier used. Each purchase situation is different.
  • Is Framing available for any of the images?
    Yes, some of the original prints can come framed. Please contact use for more infor and cost.
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